Monday, December 29, 2008

Barron's Prediction Contest 2009

Could I resist this?

No, of course not.

My predictions:
1.) What total return will the Dow industrials generate in 2009?
B.) Zero to 10%

2.) Which battered emerging market's equities will perform best in 2009?
B.) China (Shenzhen)

3.) Which S&P 500 sector will do best next year?

A.) Health care

4.) The biggest financial surprise of 2009 will be:
F.) None of the above

5.) Which battered industry group will perform best in 2009?
C.) Oil drillers (RIG, DO, NBR)

6.) Which CEO will no longer be at the helm at the end of 2009?
F.) Ford's Alan Mulally

7.) Which winning stock from 2008 will do worst in 2009?
E.) General Mills

8.) Which of these companies will agree to be taken over in 2009?
B.) Yahoo!

9.) Which depressed financial stock will fare best in 2009?
A.) Citigroup

10.) Name the top-performing stock in the Dow industrials in 2008 (including dividends).
Pfizer - PFE

11.) Name the worst-performing Dow stock for 2009 (including dividends).
Bank of America - BAC

12.) Which asset class will do best in 2009?
B.) Junk bonds

13.) What will happen to the U.S. auto industry?
D.) All three auto companies file for bankruptcy.

14.) What will happen in Washington?
F.) None of the above

15.) What will be the top-performing commodity in 2009?
B.) Oil

16.) Where will the 30-year T-bond end 2009? (It now yields 2.55%.)
E.) Above 4%

17.) Tie-breaker: At what level will the Dow industrials end 2009?

Tune in same time next year to see how I did...